Paul Ryan stepped in it…BIG TIME!

Paul Ryan pledged to ensure that “No one is worse off” after Congress votes to repeal Obamacare.

That is now The Paul Ryan Promise to the American people.

We asked you if you wanted to hold Paul Ryan accountable in his hometown, and you responded…BIG TIME! Recently, his billboard went up in Janesville:

stop the speaker billboard investigate trump updated.png

To keep his promise, Paul Ryan is going to have to ensure that no one will lose insurance, no areas of coverage are dropped, and nobody’s premiums go up. He is promising “no one” – not one person.

Look, the Republicans tagged President Obama because he said “if you like your coverage, you can keep it.” Of course, many people’s coverage improved, so the bad plans they had before had to go away. But they still called it a lie – now we are going to continuously tattoo this promise on Paul Ryan’s forehead.

This is The Paul Ryan Promise to the American people and we are holding him to it by reminding the public over and over again of his vow. Putting up this billboard is the first step in a sustained campaign.

Want to help keep the billboard up longer? Donate today and we will extend the run as long as we can. The more people see it, the more we can burn The Paul Ryan Promise in.