Stop the Speaker PAC is unlike any political operation you have seen - we are the only organization in the country specifically focused on holding Speaker Paul Ryan accountable for his extreme agenda.

We are sophisticated digital experts. We have massive experience with field operations. We know political communication. And we are located on the ground right here in Paul Ryan’s district. We know his neighbors, we know his vulnerabilities, and we know how to make it hurt.

We're not affiliated with any of the big national groups. We don’t have a big staff or any alternative agendas, and we don’t have a charitable tax status to protect.

All we want to do is make Paul Ryan’s life hell.

But, we do depend on people like you. 

Paul Ryan doesn’t come from a safe conservative district. Not only did President Obama win his congressional district, Obama won Ryan’s hometown and even won Ryan’s own ward!

Every day that Paul Ryan can spend outside of his district is bad for Democrats nationally. Ryan is the GOP’s most prolific fundraiser and every day he can spend in Dallas or on Wall Street or meeting with the Koch brothers means tens of millions of dollars for GOP candidates.

That’s where we come in. 

We will create problems for Ryan in his district that he can’t avoid. We will turn out citizens to events, pack his town halls, work with other like-minded groups to maximize impact and make sure that the media covers it all.

This is how we will beat Paul Ryan – but we can’t do it without your help.



You can reach us at info@stopthespeaker.com or via mail at 6508 S 27th St #9-112, Oak Creek, WI 53154